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Clover UEFI Boot Mode with Emulated NVRAM v2.4k r4411

Installs Clover bootloader for UEFI booting only to the EFI System Partition of the selected destination drive. Installs OsxAptioFix2Drv-64.efi, EmuVariableUefi-64.efi and apfs.efi in /EFI/CLOVER/Drivers64UEFI/. Installs Clover rc scripts files in /etc, ~/Library/Application Support/Clover and ~/Library/LaunchDaemons. Includes CustoMac default config.plist for UEFI-based systems. Required for support of Apple Messages and/or NVIDIA ...

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Clover Basics and Switching Advice

Clover Basics and Switching Advice For the first time is recommending Clover as your default bootloader. If you have installed using our default UniBeast and MultiBeast method up until Yosemite, there are a few simple ways to get ready. The following few mini-guides and charts should help.   How ...

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El Capitan Post-Install Tools

El Capitan Post-Install Tools is an option answer for MultiBeast 8.0. The envelope Post-Installation contains custom Clover installers and basic kexts. The Clover installers will introduce Clover in UEFI Boot Mode or Legacy Boot Mode. Clover_v2.3k_r3320-UEFI.pkg Clover_v2.3k_r3320-Legacy.pkg Clover_v2.3k_r3320-Legacy-Root.pkg UEFI Boot Mode (Clover_v2.3k_r3320-UEFI.pkg) is suggested for 7/8/9+ Series CustoMac desktops and all UEFI ...

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